Introduction and Intentions

About the Author

It’s me, the human behind this particular corner of the internet.

In addition to [my attempt at] running this site and its associated pages, I’m a 30-something nonprofit professional and crafter.

A few other terms and phrases I identify with include:

  • Neurodivergent (or neuro-spicy, as some like to say, hah)
  • Bibliophile
  • Queer
  • Cat mom
  • Feminist
  • Person living with depression and anxiety
  • Someone who likes making lists (bonus if there is an opportunity to color-code)

My Intentions

Big parts of my personality/neurodivergence involve collecting and categorizing nuggets of information. I love learning and sharing my enthusiasm for whatever I come across. I am the Khaleesi of rabbit holes and tangents.

Hence, another creative project! (As my never-ending polymer clay and crochet WIP stashes glare at me from across the room. But *this* one is *writing*, so it’s different, okay?)

Mostly I’m in a funky development/wellness phase on both the personal and professional fronts and wanted to figure out a healthy outlet. My hope is that Social Impact Nerd serves as a place for me to invest some energy, continue my own learning, amplify the work of others more knowledgeable than myself, and help folks navigate information overload. I also think it’s important to be transparent on this platform that I’m living through the lens of white privilege. I may love to collect and share info, but please don’t stop with my thoughts – you’ll get the most value if you also engage with any primary sources!

I’m interested (but not at ALL an expert) in a wide variety of nonprofit, social science, and DEI topics including:

  • Digital accessibility
  • Nonprofit management
  • Program design
  • Micro-activism
  • Issue-based research
  • Disrupting harmful hierarchies and other systems
  • Community organizing and buy-in
  • History, sociology and anthropology
  • Organizational psychology
  • Ethical purchasing
  • Restorative justice
  • Trust-based philanthropy
  • and SO much more!


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